Social Media Links

I started blogging back before social media was a thing. I was using blogger before Google bought them and stuck with them through thick and thin, until I finally shut down my blog. I wanted to learn more about WordPress so I’m giving them a whirl. I was aware of who WordPress founder and Houstonian Matt Mullenweg was but despite being one of a few bloggers in Houston in 2001, we’ve never interacted. I’m glad to see his success and so far, WordPress seems like a great product.

I started to use social media a bit later and lighter than a lot of people. Putting myself out there on a blog (inadvertently) made me a bit timid about the whole thing. Nevertheless, if you want to look at my social media contacts, here they are: – I put some time and effort into my profile. I am almost, but not quite, an open networker, meaning I accept legitimate offers to connect from just about anyone. If I think the request is coming from a scam artist I refuse, that’s about it. – I’m friends with a lot of folks there, Navy buddies, high school classmates, and a lot of Michelle’s friends from Corsicana whom I have gotten to know. I read the notifications just about every day, post some things, but will go silent there often. I’m a bit more selective about adding friends there.