Rob Booth

Hi and welcome to my little piece of the World Wide Web. I'm the Rob Booth who was born in New Jersey, grew up in Houston, Texas, went to Westfield High School, graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, served in the US Navy, and then made it back to Houston and have worked in the oil business here since 1999.

I've traveled some. If you think you met me in Moscow, Menorca (Spain), or China, you may very well have. I've spent some time in those places

I'm one of the world's leading authorities on the music of Squeeze, a big fan of old Jamaican ska, and listen to more different kinds of music than most everyone. I also remember what years movies came out and retain vast amounts of little known facts.

I'm lucky enough to be married to the former Michelle Kolosta from Corsicana, Texas.

If you've got a long memory, you might remember me as being a blogger. I started blogging in 2000/2001, but I was just looking for a way to update web pages from another computer. I got wrapped up in the blogging and politics but later stopped.

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